Using PubMed search field descriptions and tags

Supercharge your search with Pubmed search field descriptions!

When searching for research material in Papers you can use Pubmed Search Field Descriptions (PSFDs) to effectively narrow down your search in Pubmed.

Some commonly used PSFDs

  • Title[TI]
  • Title/Abstract TIAB.
  • Author[AU]
  • First Author name[AU1]
  • Last Author[LASTAU]
  • Publication dateDP
  • Journal[TA]
  • MESH terms[MH]

For a list of all the PSFDs and a more in depth explanation of these terms see this page

For example, to look for a paper by authors Watson & Crick from the year 1953, you would type in "Watson[1au] Crick[au] 1953[dp]".