Using a custom CSL style with hyperlink to the local file

Papers supports over 7000+ CSL styles. We have recently added support for a custom CSL style that converts each reference in the bibliography to a hyperlink of the original PDF file. The custom style is based on a Nature style.

How to add the custom citation style to your library and format a manuscript with the custom style

  • Download the custom style from here.

  • Drag and drop the file into the Papers library list view.

  • Go to Settings > Citations.

  • Select Style Manager and search for 'Nature (local fulltext'.

  • Once you have found the style, check the box next to the style.

  • Go to the Style Selector.

  • You can see the default favorite citation styles, as well as any style that you have selected in the Style Manager.

  • Click on the check box next to the custom citation style.

  • When you use Citations and format a manuscript, Citations will format your manuscript with the custom style and each reference in the bibliography becomes a hyperlink (as long as the reference has a PDF attached in the Papers library).

  • To open a hyperlink, hover over a reference, click on the hyperlink with ctrl key selected.