Introduction to Papers 3 for iOS

You can download the free Papers app for iPhone/iPad here.

Papers revolutionizes how you discover, organize, read, share and cite. The first thing you’ll notice when starting Papers 3 for iOS is the new user interface. One of the most important changes in Papers 3 is however almost invisible: how easy it is to sync your library between your iOS devices and computers (Macs or PCs). Papers now uses Dropbox or Wi-Fi syncing, making it easier to get access to your library both at home and in institutional networks.

With Papers 3, we have also introduced Papers Online. Papers Online offers a convenient reading list and shared collections. You can create a collection to share with your team and collaborators. You can access the reading list and shared collections also from a web browser when you don't have access to Papers for iOS.

Papers 3 for iOS features:

  • A fresh, new user interface: the new Papers experience is simpler and more organised.

  • Navigation modes to keep your work and thoughts organized.

  • Easily sort and organise your library with collections or keywords, labels and flags.

  • New clear search view with 25+ repositories and unified search option.

  • Automatic PDF download when you import articles.

  • New reader mode with annotation modes, including free-hand annotations.

  • Search within PDF.

  • Find word definition within PDF.

  • Better than ever metadata discovery and matching.

  • Cloud syncing with Dropbox.

  • Wi-Fi syncing.

  • Shared collections and a reading list with Papers Online.