Importing citation to Papers for Mac

Papers automatically imports metadata for most articles. At times, you may have to import metadata manually, or you can import a citation file directly from the publisher. This can be done before, or after, you download the PDF of an article you want to include in your Papers library.

On the publishers website you may see a "download citation" link. This link is sometimes listed underneath the PDF link, in the sidebar, or sometimes below the abstract. Each publisher's website looks slightly different, so you may need to look around the page for a link like this.


Once you click on it, you will be asked to select the file type you want to download the citation as. You can select one of several file types that Papers will recognize, for example "Reference Manager" (as in this example), or BibTeX.


Once you also select whether you want to import the abstract, as well as the citation information, or not Papers will proceed to ask you if you want to import the file to update the metadata for this entry.

Click on "Update", and you will see Papers automatically update the metadata based on the citation file you are downloading.