How to set up proxy access in Papers

A little bit about proxies

Even if you are not on your university's network, you often still need to access academic literature. You can accomplish this by using a so-called library proxy which accesses web sites on your behalf when you are in a remote location. A common proxy system used by academic institutions and libraries is EZProxy. The proxy server makes it possible for staff and students to access the university library's electronic resources from any location (whether you're at a cafe around the corner, or on a beach!). The proxy server is used to restrict access to the electronic resources for which your library has to pay licensing fees, hence it is only available to staff and students from your university.

Please note that Web of Science and Scopus will not work through a proxy as they validate via IP. In this case, for off campus access please ask your institution to help you set up a VPN connection.

How to set up Papers to use your institutional EZProxy server

Go to the Access tab you find in Preferences in Papers for Mac and in Settings in Papers for Windows.

Access tab

  • Select your University from the drop down menu

  • Click on the x in the top left corner so the pop up window will disappear

  • You can now do a search in the Search screen. When you click through to a result Papers will redirect to your institution’s EZProxy login page. Once you have logged in you’ll be taken to the article

If your institution’s EZProxy is not listed in the list of institutions, please contact your library for details. Once you have the EZProxy address you can add it to Papers manually.

Open Papers and go to the Access tab.

  • From the Proxy drop down menu, choose other

  • Enter the name of your University and the EZProxy followed by adding /login=%@ to the end.

There’s no central repository of EZProxy addresses, so if your institution is not listed we will gladly add it to our system. Please send it to us by contacting us at

Proxy system wide Papers for Mac

If your University does not have an EZProxy you might be able to set up your proxy system wide. You should be able to do this in the system preferences. (System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies). You can also ask your university how to do this. Papers uses the Safari webkit, so if you can get Safari to use the proxy you should be able to set it up for Papers.

The other thing you could try is to find out if the library has a VPN that you could use. If you can set up a VPN from your mac to the university library then you should be able to access the same resources as you would using a proxy.