Glossary of icons in Papers 3 for Windows

Library screen icons

  • New Paper: use to create a new paper (article, book, media, patent & law, reports & references) in your library.
  • New Smart Collection.
  • New Manual Collection.
  • New Collection from Selection.
  • New Shared Collection (when signed in to Papers Online).

  • Import: import Mendeley Library, BibTeX and Endnote XML reference files, PDF files and Papers Archive.

  • Hide and show publication preview.

  • Opens the match dialogue to complete publication metadata information.

  • Share: send a paper via email or open the publication in the default web browser.

  • Hide inspector.

  • Show inspector.

Author and Sources screen icon

  • Create a new author.
  • Create a new source (periodical, conference or web site).

Reader screen icons

  • Sticky note, highlight, underline and strike through annotation options.


  • Citations icon in the system tray.