Glossary of Icons in Papers 3 for Mac

Papers uses different icons throughout the program. This glossary will help you discover Papers and how the icons you encounter can help keep your library organized.

Papers top Bar icons

search_icon_2.png - Search for new papers or import papers to your library

Library_icon.png - Library

In the library view we can see two other icons:

PDF.png- PDF

You can change the PDF to Web page by clicking on the icon and then this icon will take its place:

web_page.png - Web page

Lable_icon.png - Labels

Authors_2.png - Authors

Sources.png - Sources

Reader.png - Reader

In the reader view we have a couple of icons down in the bottom of Papers:

Create_a_note.png - Create a note

Highlight_mode.png - Highlight mode

Underline_mode.png - Underline mode

Strikethrough_mode.png - Strikethrough mode

free_m.png - Freehand mode

Inspector Panel on the right hand side

Overview.png - Overview

Info.png - Info

Notes.png - Notes

Activity.png - Activity

Icons on the bottom of Papers

N_manula.png - You can start a new manual, smart or shared collection

edit.png - Edit, duplicate or delete collections

Hide_preview.png - Hide preview

Share.png - Share

General icons

full_blue.png - Blue dots show up next to unread documents in your library

half_blue.png - A half blue dot indicates you have opened the document and started reading it, but you may not have finished reading it yet

Screen_Shot_2015-05-28_at_11.16.23.png - This icon is displayed when your library contains duplicates of the same paper

FAV.png - Favorites

m_collections.png - Manual collection

smart_collections.png - Smart collection

shared_collection.png - Shared collection

my_papers.png - My Papers

manu.png - My manuscripts