Adding and viewing supplemental files

There are a couple of ways to add and view supplements in Papers.

Drag and Drop

  • 1. Select the article in your library view that you want to add the supplement file to. You will see the article highlighted in blue when you have selected it.
  • 2. In the inspector to the right, make sure that you are in the overview tab.
  • 3. Click on the paperclip in the right bottom corner.
  • 4. Choose the file you want to add and grab it from wherever you have saved it e.g. your desktop and drag it into the right bottom grey square, of the inspector tab in Papers.
  • 5. The supplemental file will now be added and you can click on the thumbnail image to view it in Papers.

Adding from a website

  • 1. Choose the PDF in your library view and double click on it to open it in the reader view.
  • 2. You will see a dark grey bar just above the article. Go to the left upper corner, click in the little arrow pointing down and choose “web page ”.


  • 3. If there are supplemental or additional files you will find them there. Choose the one you want to add and click to download.
  • 4. A pop up window will appear where it will ask you if you want to “Download PDF as supplemental data”. Click on download.
  • 5. It will now take you back to your reader view where in the bottom right corner the supplemental file will have been added. Click on the paper clip in the bottom right corner where you will now see the added file.
  • 6. Finally you can click on it to view it in Papers.