Papers 3 for Windows FAQs

License purchases and activations

  • I have an existing Papers 1.5 license, can I use the same license to activate Papers 3 for Windows? Yes, Papers 3 for Windows works with an existing P2 and P3 license keys. Each Papers license can be used to activate Papers in up to three computers at the same time?

  • How long is the free trial period? The free trial period is 30 days.

System requirements

  • What is the minimum Windows operating system required to run Papers 3 for Windows? You need to have Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 installed.


  • Is there a keyboard shortcut that I can use to launch Citations? Yes, the new keyboard short cut is ctrl-alt-c. If you cannot see Citations (little house icon) in the tray near your clock, you must first launch it: start Papers and go to Settings > Citations and toggle Citations on.

General Troubleshooting

  • What if I have activated Papers 3 for Windows but it still says "free trial"? You've stumbled on a bug that we are working quickly to resolve. Sometimes, restarting gets rid of this message. In any case, your copy of Papers 3 for Windows is activated.

  • What if I have tried to activate Papers 3 for Windows but it says I have too many activations? Not to worry, you can continue to use Papers 3 for Windows on the free 30 day trial. The trial version is the same as the activated version, so you will have access to all features. We'll have this issue sorted soon so you can activate fully before your trial expires.