Make the most of Papers support

Need help?

You can request support from the Papers Team online through Papers (Mac:Help>Troubleshooting>Send Feedback; Windows Help>Start a Discussion; iOS: Settings>Help>Contact Support ) or via email ( at any time. We welcome questions, comments, concerns, and cries for help. But we need your assistance to improve: you can help us answer questions more quickly by considering the following before getting in touch.

Read Up

Often we are not alone in the difficulties we encounter, which is why the Papers team is always adding to its online library of user-friendly information. Before contacting us, why not consult our Knowledge Base further for solutions to commonly asked questions, known issues and tutorials. You may just find the fix you were looking for: saving yourself time and typing!

Be Your Own Technician

Unfortunately no piece of software is bulletproof, including Papers.

Our attempt to minimise bugs is 2-fold: continual updates (Mac:Papers>Check for updates; Windows :File>Check for updates) and built-in troubleshooting (Mac: Help>Troubleshooting>) The good news being that neither requires any formal training!

Always, always, always backup your Papers library before attempting a fix.

To be your own technician, please take the following steps depending on the issue you are experiencing:

Having any problem at all?

  • Backup your Papers library
  • Restart Papers
  • Upgrade to the latest version

Trouble searching your library? Citations' not finding what you know is there?

  • Verify your spotlight index
  • Rebuild your spotlight index

This is currently a Mac-only feature. See for further details.

PDFs gone MIA?

  • Repair your file path metadata

This is currently a Mac-only feature. See for further details.

Papers behaving a bit wonky? Experiencing frequent crashes? Suspect corruption?

  • Repair your Papers database

Nothing working? Built-in troubleshooting not helping?

Feature Requests

Papers relies on customer feedback for product improvements. Let us know if you have something in mind that Papers doesn’t currently do. But don’t stop there; please let us know how you see this feature working. Once we have a clear picture of the function, can we decide whether or not Papers can really accommodate your feature request.

Ready to write us?

If you’re still stuck, not to worry, we’re still here. Please send us a detailed description of the issue.

Don’t forget to include the following details:

  • Papers version
  • Operating System details (Mac: About this Mac > System Report > Save; Windows: Start> All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information > File > Save)
  • Backup details
  • Screenshots
  • Any troubleshooting attempts you have made
  • Console Log (Papers for Mac), Papers.log file (Papers for Windows), or iOS Log File (Papers iOS)