Citations and Pages 5

Update November '15

We've looked into bringing back Citations support for Papers 5. The problem is that, even with the (slightly) improved AppleScript support in the recently released Pages 5.6, the scripting dictionary still lacks crucial commands (compared to Pages '09) which are required to make the interaction with Papers work. For example, Pages 5.x doesn't allow us to get or set the current selection or the insertion point. However, this is crucial for Papers to be able to format the Pages manuscript.

In addition, Pages 5.x does not allow to style characters or paragraphs similar to what Pages '09 did. For example, you cannot style a character as italic, or superscript/subscript, and you can't set the left indent of a paragraph. All of this (and more) would be required to properly support formatting of in-text citations and the bibliography (containing the list of formatted references).

In short, until Apple bring back proper AppleScript support for Pages, there's not much we can do.

The recent release of Pages version 5.2 has brought back some Applescript Support. This is certainly a step in the right direction! However, it will require more development work from us to ascertain whether it is possible to reintroduce Citations. We realise how important this feature is to our users and will do everything we can to bring it back. Unfortunately Pages 5.2 is NOT yet supported.

Unfortunately Apple has cut support for AppleScript which tools like Citations relies on -- this means that the new Pages 5 is not Citations compatible at the moment :( Our developers are looking into this to see if there is an alternative way to support Citations with Pages 5 again.

You should still be able to access the earlier Pages version, Pages ’09 by going to Applications folder and finding iWork ’09 folder.

You can also contact Apple regarding dropping Applescript support for Pages and leave your feedback for Apple. We apologise for the inconvenience.