Wi-Fi syncing FAQ

Can I use the local network sync even if I don't have a Wi-Fi network available?

Yes, you can do this by creating a computer-to-computer network on your computer and connecting your other devices such as your iPad and iPhone to the network.

To do so:

  • On you Mac, turn on Wi-Fi form the status bar
  • Select 'Create Network...' at the bottom of the Wi-Fi network list.

  • You can just use the default Network Name and Channel options, or select your own (Note that on Yosemite OS X 10.10 it is no longer possible to add a password to your computer-to-computer network).

  • On you iOS device, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and select your computer name under 'Devices'. You iOS device and Mac should now be in the same local network and you can use the Local Network Sync option in Papers.

Can I sync two computers that are connected to the same Ethernet LAN?

Yes. The local network sync doesn't distinguish between wired and wireless networks. If you have two machines in the same local network (and the same subnet) then you should be able to sync between the two.

Can I have both Dropbox and Wi-Fi sync enabled?

Yes, you can use both options to keep your library in sync across your devices. If both syncing methods are set up, Papers 3 will favour syncing first over Wi-Fi to ensure your library changes are synced between all your devices as quickly as possible. Afterwards Papers 3 will then sync with Dropbox - keeping your library safe in the Cloud.

I have two computers connected to the same network but they are not seeing each other in the Local Network Sync preferences.

If two machines can't see each other, most likely the two machines are not on the same subnet. Alternatively, there might be network policies that are blocking the Bonjour packets for being sent across from one machine to another.

Check the following:

  • A firewall on your Mac might be blocking Papers.
  • An anti-virus software on your Mac might be blocking Papers.
  • Make sure that Papers has Cellular Data enabled in the iOS settings.