Sync FAQ

Can I use another cloud service apart from Dropbox? Do you plan to support any other cloud services in the future?

At the moment Dropbox syncing is the only available cloud option. Please let us know what other backend system you would like us to support.

**Can I sync my library via Wifi?

Yes, it is also possible to sync you Papers 3 for Mac and iOS libraries via Wifi. Please see these instructions for instructions. You can also download the free Papers app for iPhone/iPad here.

Instead of Dropbox syncing, why can't you support iCloud syncing?

There are several reasons why we can't offer iCloud syncing. First of all, Apple wouldn't allow us to use iCloud syncing as most of the Papers library content is not user-generated. Secondly, iCloud syncing has proven to be technically unreliable for many other software developers. Thirdly, it wouldn't be possible to use iCloud syncing to sync Papers library data to Papers for Windows. And finally, if were to offer iCloud syncing , we would have to have Papers in the Mac App store (see next question).

What is the log file that keeps coming up with Dropbox syncing? Is it possible to hide it?

There's no setting in Papers to switch this off, as the update is coming from Dropbox rather than Papers. However you can switch off those notifications by clicking on the Dropbox icon on your menu bar, click the gear symbol and select Preferences. Finally, on the General tab, untick the box for "Show desktop notification".

Why does Papers give me a message saying "no dropbox account detected" when I try to link it to my dropbox, I am signed into dropbox.

If you do not have the dropbox application in stalled on your computer, Papers will not detect a dropbox account. You will have to have a physical dropbox folder on your computer that syncs with your dropbox account. Only being logged into dropbox on your browser is not sufficient. You can download the dropbox application from the dropbox website.