How to set up syncing on Papers for Windows

This instructions apply to Papers for Windows versions 3.0.202 and above

How to set up syncing during the first run?

  • Open Papers first run wizard.
  • Select 'Create New Library'.
  • Click 'Choose Folder...'.
  • Navigate to Dropbox or another cloud sync location. You can either create a Papers library to the root of the selected cloud drive such as Dropbox or inside a new folder.
  • Once you have selected the desired library location, click 'Ok'.
  • You can see the new library path and if you are happy with it, click 'Continue'
  • Syncing is automatically enabled for you and get a notification that library has been stored in a network location.
  • You can complete the first run experience by entering your name and research interest.
  • In the last screen you can sign up for a Papers account or sign in with an existing Papers account.

How to start syncing your existing library?

If you currently have your Papers library in a local folder on your computer, for example in the Documents folder and you would like to start using cloud syncing instead, follow the below steps.

  • Navigate to your current Papers library location. If you are unsure where it is located, you can see this in Papers Settings > Library.
  • Close Papers and Citations.
  • Copy the whole Library.papers3 folder to the new cloud location such as Dropbox.
  • Open Papers again.
  • Go to Settings > Library.
  • Choose 'Open Existing' and select the Library.papers3 folder in the cloud location.
  • You can see the new library path in the Library settings.
  • Syncing is automatically enabled and Papers notifies you that the library is stored in a network location.