Dropbox access permissions with Papers

When you set up Dropbox syncing you need to allow Papers to access to all files and folders in your Dropbox.We've taken this approach because this way you can import files into your Papers library from Dropbox and synchronise, without having to log on twice to do one of the two, and more importantly you can access an already existing library on Dropbox.

A sandbox based approach would require one to create a fixed directory under Dropbox for Papers library syncing. Papers does not touch files outside of the Papers library other than when you choose to import them into your library. If we don't use the sandbox, you can create multiple libraries on Dropbox, and Papers is able to select between them and find your primary library when you first sync with a new device.

We have not ruled out the possibility of adding the option of using the sandbox based approach in the future where Papers requires a certain folder to be created, but given these limitations we felt this is the approach that will cater for more users first.

Dropbox syncing allows you to sync your library across Papers for Mac and Papers for iOS. You can download the free Papers app for iPhone/iPad here.