Connect to an existing library on a new Mac using Dropbox sync

Have you already set up syncing of your Papers 3 library on another device? And you would like to share this library with your Mac?

These instructions outline how to connect to an existing library on a new Mac. Please ensure you have met all the prerequisites before you begin.

Set up syncing

  1. If you haven’t done so already, please sign up to Dropbox and install the Dropbox client.

  2. Open Papers 3 and go to Papers>Set up Sync.

  3. Select Set up.

  4. A popup will appear. Please log in to Dropbox and authorise access.

  5. At this point, Papers will realize there is an existing library in Dropbox and will ask you if you would like to switch.

  6. Agree and switch your library.

  7. Papers will restart, and the library from your other device should now load.

  8. In the future, you can manually sync using the sync now button under Papers>Preferences>Sync (or Papers>Sync now), as well as set your preference to sync automatically.

Share this library with your other devices

There is no limit on the number of devices that may share this library. Find out how to connect to this library from another Mac, Windows, or iOS device.