Release Notes - Papers for Windows 1.2.7

Overview of the Changes

This update of Papers for Windows brings some Citations stability improvements and support for watched folders in Papers.

New Features

  • Added a new Citations inspector tab for publications of type manuscript.
  • Added support for watched folders. When configured, Papers will automatically add new papers to the library if it finds new PDF files from folders.

Other bug fixes and improvements

  • Improved Citations stability.
  • Fixed an issue where a change to the view mode would be lost after switching tabs.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused importing a papers archive to fail.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Citations to format abbreviated journal names incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue in the manuscripts section that caused Papers to not be able to open any manuscripts listed there.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Papers not to save a custom port number set in the proxy settings.
  • Fixed an issue that made any changes to the proxy configuration using a PAC file to be lost.
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF path column would not always show correctly.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Papers from working properly with FIPS compliant systems.
  • Fixed an issue that caused exported notes to appear in the order they were created, not their order in the document.

Up next

Have a look at our roadmap to see what's up next: