Release Notes - Papers 3 for Windows 3.0.27

New features

  • Support added for OpenURL Link Resolvers.
  • File formats other than PDF can now be imported (no preview shown) as primary or supplementary files.
  • PDF files can be automatically imported from watched folders.
  • Search results are automatically imported when clicking on a PDF download link.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Substantial performance improvements.
  • Dropbox sync reliability improvements.
  • Improved reliability when importing a paper.
  • Improved Virtual Disk (P drive) reliability and performance.
  • Improved library search: searching the library is now case insensitive.
  • Smaller memory footprint.
  • User interface enhancements.

  • Fixes issues related to handling supplemental files including correctly naming the files.

  • Fixes an issue with moving files after changing the library organisation settings.

  • Improved reliability when importing RIS files.

  • A progress indicator is now shown in the preview when loading a web page.

  • Papers moved to the trash are now excluded correctly from Last Import and Last Read.

  • When printing a PDF with annotations, annotations are now printed with the correct transparency level.

  • Fixes a rare issue that could lead to some parts of the application not loading correctly, leading to an empty screen.

  • When switching between papers, any previous text selection is now cleared correctly.

  • Authors imported from Science Direct are now imported correctly.

  • When searching from Science Direct an empty search result would be returned when no results were found.

  • The Last Import view is now sorted correctly by Imported Date.

  • Improved reliability when adding keywords to a paper.

  • When switching from the strikethrough tool to the highlight tool, the color is now restored correctly.

  • Fixes some issues related to adding or removing an author from a paper.

  • Annotations in a PDF are now refreshed correctly when switching between the Reader and other screens (and vice-versa).

  • The preview panel now has a minimum size, which avoids the issue of not being able to resize the preview anymore.

  • Fixes a crash that would occur when attempting to load incorrectly formatted URLs in the web page preview.

  • When importing a paper using the bookmarklet, the default publication type is now set to Journal Article.

Known issues

  • When the option "Delete Original File" under Library setting is used together with Watched Folders, the original PDF file is not deleted.
  • The Dropbox Sync feature is incompatible with folder paths that contain non-latin characters (eg. if the Windows username contains non-latin characters and the Dropbox folder is under Documents, Papers won't be able to use your Dropbox library).