Papers 3 Windows Release Notes - version 3.0.83

New features

  • Full-text PDFs and other files can now be uploaded to Papers Online (private deployments only, contact us for more details).
  • When reading a PDF in the Reader, you can now resume reading a paper from the last time you've used Papers.
  • Citations now supports styles to use hyperlinks that point to the files on your library. See our Knowledge Base article for more details.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • When using the column view, column order is now persisted when you restart Papers.
  • IE proxy settings are automatically retrieved. Manual proxy configuration is still required for basic authentication.
  • Preferred style for Citations can now be selected using the "Style Selector".
  • An issue was fixed where the Open File button would become disabled after opening a file.
  • When matching a paper, Crossref is automatically used independently of the favorite search engines you've selected.
  • Dropbox sync improvements for Papers 2 libraries being imported during first run.
  • When opening an existing library that is already on Dropbox we don't ask where the folder is on Dropbox anymore.
  • Fixes an issue where authors would not be imported when importing a paper from a shared collection into your local library.
  • Fixes an issue where the URL is missing after copying a paper from a shared collection to your local library.
  • Fixes an issue where the published date (year) would not presented for papers in a shared collection or reading list.
  • Fixes an issue where non-PDF files imported to the library would be marked as duplicate.

Click to download version 3.0.83.