Papers 3 for Windows Release Notes - version 3.0.73

New features

  • Search result count is now presented next to a search engine.
  • Warning sign is presented next to a search engine in case there was a problem retrieving search results.
  • It's now possible to load a custom CSL style.
  • Adds support for Watched folders that can now be created on shared network folders and accessed by multiple users.
  • There's a new option "Remove from collection" for papers inside a manual collection.
  • We've added a maintenance section under Settings->Help that contains a button to repair the full-text search index.
  • Adds 'Repair Metadata' maintenance mode in Settings > Help > Maintenance. If some of the library metadata looks incorrect or incomplete, this option attempts to fix it automatically.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Adds a 'Repair Missing Files' maintenance mode option.
  • Several issues related to matching a paper have been addressed.
  • Improvements and bug fixes have been made to column customization in the Column view.
  • Fixes an issue that would sometimes cause keyboard shortcuts or key presses to not work.
  • When reorganizing the library using a different folder hierarchy, Papers now correctly recreates folders based on first author and last author.
  • Column sort preferences are now remembered after restarting.
  • Fixes an issue that could cause files to not load inside the preview after manually opening an existing library, created in older versions of Papers.
  • When removing a paper from a manual collection, it is now also removed from its nested collections.
  • Fixes an issue where the supplemental files being shown under the Files group in the inspector would not refresh correctly after adding or removing files.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the Year column to not present data.
  • Fixes an issue that would result in empty entries to be created under the Journal picker in the inspector.
  • The PMCID, ISBN, ISSN, Abstract, Status and Institution fields in the inspector are now persisted correctly after being modified.
  • When adding or removing an author of a paper in the list view, it now correctly reflects the changes made.
  • Fixes an issue that would result in keywords not being added/removed for a paper in Papers Online.
  • Stability improvements for Dropbox Sync.
  • Other small bug fixes.

Known issues

  • Annotating while using touch devices is not fully supported. Improvements will be made on future releases.
  • Dragging multiple papers from Papers Online into All Papers at once will result in the selected papers being incorrect.

Download the new update from here.