How to buy a license for Papers

If you like Papers a lot and wish to continue using it after the 30 day trial, we ask you to support our work and buy a license. These instructions describe how to buy a one-off Papers 3 license. If you would like to get a Papers subscription instead, have a look at these instructions.

This is how you buy a license for Papers:

  • Download Papers from our Website if you haven't done so and give it a good try (remember, you have 30 days to decide before you need to buy a license).

Papers for Mac

  • When you're ready to buy a license, go to Purchase Papers License... from the Activate menu on Papers for Mac.

Purchase process

  • Enter your personal details if Papers hasn't done this already for you, make sure they're correct and choose the number of copies you wish to buy (remember, a single user license allows you to activate Papers on up to 3 of your personal Macs or PCs).

  • Next click the Buy now button and you will be transferred to payment option selection for the final checkout.

  • Once you have paid you will receive both an invoice and a serial number by email.

How to buy a license without the application or as a gift

You can buy Papers also using our online store.

If you would like to buy Papers as a gift to someone, please visit our gift store.

Upgrading from Papers1 or Papers2

If you previously bought a license for Papers1 or Papers2 you'll find the instructions on how to upgrade your license for free or with a 50% discount (depending on when you bought the license) on this page:

Are you a student? Get a substantial discount

If you're an undergraduate or graduate student you're eligible for a significant discount on Papers.
Below you'll find the steps to obtain the discount:

Already have a serial number?

You'll find the instructions to activate your copy of Papers with your existing serial number here:

What about volume licenses?

A single user license costs $79 USD / 59 euros, on top of that we have the following discounts:

5 - 9 copies 10% US$71.10 / 53.10 € per copy
10 - 49 copies 20% US$63.20 / 47.20 € per copy
50 - 99 copies 25% US$59.25 / 44.25 € per copy
100 - 249 copies 30% US$55.30 / 41.30 € per copy
250 - 499 copies 40% US$47.40 / 35.40 € per copy
500+ copies custom quote

You can buy a license directly from within Papers by visiting the built-in Papers store.

Alternatively we can handle purchase orders for multi-user licenses ourselves, for which we would need the following information:

  • the exact number and type of licenses you wish to purchase
  • a billing address
  • the VAT ID of your institute (if based within the EU only)

If you provide us with the above we can send you a quote on the basis of which you can generate the purchase order. Alternatively you can pay by creditcard (the fastest route), we can send you a payment link if you wish to do so.

What if I don't have a Paypal account?

Note that you don't need a paypal account, Paypal will let you do a guest creditcard checkout as described here:

Can I buy one or more licenses from outside Papers

You can buy Papers also using our online store. If you would like to buy Papers as a gift to someone, please visit our gift store. In addition, you can order licenses either via purchase order (3 or more copies, see section on volume licenses). Or if you send us your complete billing address (+ institutional VAT ID if applicable) we can send you a creditcard payment request. Once you have paid we can then issue a Papers serial number.

My Mac doesn't support Papers2 or Papers3, can I still buy Papers1?

We only sell Papers3 licenses, however if you buy a Papers3 license it will also work to activate Papers2. If your MacOS does not support Papers2, we are more than happy to send you a complimentary license for Papers1 that you can use. Papers1 can be downloaded here.

If you wish to obtain a serial number for Papers1, we suggest you purchase a Papers 3 serial number, after which we can provide you with a complimentary one for Papers1. Then, when you do update your OS X, you can still switch to Papers 3 and enjoy all of its new features.

If you contact us in support with your Papers 3 serial number, we can generate a complimentary Papers 1 serial number for you.

Does my serial number work in both Papers for Mac and Windows?

Yes, you can use your serial number to activate up to 3 of your personal Macs or PCs.

Can I buy Papers for Mac through the Mac App Store?

Currently this is not possible. We are investigating this route, but this will still take a while as the Mac App store poses too many restrictions at the moment and would require us to remove features from the application.

How can I get a copy of Papers for iOS?

You can download Papers for iOS free from the iTunes App store.