Using Quicklook to get a closer preview of your research on Papers 2 for Mac

Papers Quicklook gives you have a closer preview of all your articles in your library. To use quicklook use the space bar or '⌘' + 'y' and your article will open in a preview window.



  • Navigate between different papers in your library by using the arrow keys.

  • Take an even closer look by using the '+' and '-' keys to zoom in and out.

  • Navigate between pages in an article by pressing '⌘' + ']' to go the next page and '⌘' + '[' to go back.

  • To select text within the Quicklook window hold down '⌘'.

  • Hitting 'Enter' will open the paper in a new tab in Papers.

  • To read your articles in full screen mode, press '⌘' + 'shift' + 'F'.

####If you want to see all these features in action be sure to watch the short video tutorial below.

Using quicklook to preview your files from Alexander Griekspoor on Vimeo.