How to open a website within Papers 2

Papers2 goes far beyond organizing and reading PDF files, you can do your online research right from within Papers. In this tutorial we will go over how you can open any website from within the program, and how you can create a direct link to sites you visit often.

Opening a website

Browsing to a website is easy in Papers2, start by clicking on File -> Open Location. You can also use the command1.pngO keyboard shortcut.


A small window opens where you can enter the web address you want to access.


By hitting OK Papers will take you to the website you would like to access:


Creating a new website in your library

If you access the same websites regularly, you can save them in your collection of websites for easy access.

To start, simply click on File -> New -> Website:


A new website is added to your websites, which you can access from your Sources:


You can now add information for the website you want to safe in the inspector window.

Adding articles from websites

While browsing a website added to your websites, you can save different articles you come across to your Papers library.

Simply click on Import when you want to save a particular article to your library and Papers will automatically add the page as an article to your library.