Citations in Pages with Papers 2 for Mac

Papers doesn't just organize all your documents, it also functions as your citations manager. Using Papers to cite gives you direct access to your entire library whenever you are writing a manuscript, and if you ever resubmit your manuscript to a different publication you can change the formatting for your citations within seconds.

We created an elaborate video discussing citations, which you can access here:

Adding citations to a Word document

To add a citation to your Word document, first you need to make sure citations is turned on in the Preferences menu:


Now you can start working on a manuscript in Pages. When you want to insert a citation, hit the control key twice to open the citations menu.


From here, you can search for the paper you want to cite, and once you found it hit 'enter' to be prompted to enter the citation:


Now you will see a cite key inserted into your manuscript.


Continue writing your manuscript and inserting citations. Once you are finished, you can create your bibliography and format your manuscript. For format your manuscript, you have to open the citations menu by pressing the control key twice, just as you would to enter a new citation. You will see the following menu:


If you select "Select Style" and hit enter, you will see the list of all citation styles you can currently choose from. Just start typing a journal name to search through the list.


Once you select the citation style you would like to use, you can press enter and Papers will automatically format your manuscript and enter the bibliography. A completely new document is created in Pages once Papers is finished formatting. The document is saved with your original, and has the same file name with "-formatted" attached to the end. In this formatted document, you cannot make any changes to your citations. You can make changes in your original document that still contains all the cite keys, and then format your manuscript again.


Citations Tips

*If you do not save your manuscript before you attempt to insert a citation, you will see a warning message telling you the citation cannot be inserted. Just save your manuscript and try again, because before any citations can be added your manuscript has to be saved to your harddrive.


*After you enter a citation for the first time, your manuscript is added to "manuscripts" under the My Research menu in Papers.