Organise your library with keywords - Papers 3 for Windows

  • All keywords associated with a publication are displayed in the overview tab of the inspector window.

Inspector overview tab keywords

  • If you want to add a keyword to the publication click the '+' icon under Keywords in the overview tab. You see a list of all the keywords that you currently have in your library. If you want to add an existing keyword to a publication, click on the keyword and a tick mark appears next to the keyword indicating that the keyword is now associated with the publication. If you have a long list of keywords, use the filter bar to narrow down the keyword that you want to include.

  • If you want to create a new keyword, type the keyword that you want to add to the filter bar and hit the "+" sign to add it. Note that the plus sign only appears once you type in something that doesn't already exist as a keyword.

  • You can search your Papers library by keywords. To do so, click on 'Labels' next to the Library tab and choose 'Keywords' from the drop down menu.

  • You can view all publications in your library associated with a certain keyword. Use the filter bar to narrow down a specific keyword from a long list of keywords.

keywords - full-text search

  • To edit or delete keywords, right click on the keyword that you want to edit/delete from the list (in 'Labels') and select if you would like to Rename or Delete.

  • You can also search for recent publications based on a selected keyword. To do so, right click on the keyword, as above, and click on 'Search for Recent Papers'. You will then be redirected to the Search page to view all recent publications with this keyword.