How to match your articles on Papers 3 for iOS

You can download the free Papers app for iPhone/iPad here.

There are different ways of adding new documents to your Papers library. When importing PDF files directly to Papers, you may not see any metadata displayed. This is where the matching function comes into play!
There are two ways to start matching in Papers 3 for iOS.

Selecting text in the Reader screen

  • Highlight a title, author etc in the PDF.

  • Select 'Match' from the popup menu.

Match from the metadata card

  • If you are in the Reader screen, tap on the metadata card icon in the upper-right corner to open the metadata card. To open the metadata card from the main library, tap and hold on to a selected publication.

  • Once the metadata card is open, tap 'Match'.

Match dialogue

  • Once you have selected 'Match', Papers will open a search window and starts looking for matching search results automatically. If you don't have any search repositories enabled, click on the settings wheel to pick relevant search engines to use for matching. You might have to initialise the search again by tapping enter or by tapping the search icon. We recommend using Crossref as one of the repositories.

  • Check if the article you are trying to match corresponds to any of the records returned from the search.

  • Click 'Match' and Papers automatically imports all the available metadata for your article.