How to import a Papers Archive to Papers 3 for iOS

You can download the free Papers app for iPhone/iPad here.

A Papers Archive is a package that contains both your PDFs and metadata. A Papers 3 Archive is easily handled by Papers 3 for Mac, Windows, and iOS.

These instructions outline how to import an existing library as a Papers Archive on iOS. Not using iOS? Find out how to import a Papers Archive in Papers 3 for Mac and Windows.

  1. Ensure the Papers Archive you wish to import is stored on Dropbox.

  2. Open Papers 3 and tap the Import icon (a down arrow in the top left.)

  3. Log into Dropbox, and authorise access if required.

  4. Select the Papers Archive from your Dropbox folder.

  5. Tap Import.

  6. Papers will now import the Papers Archive. This can take some time, depending on the size of the Archive.