Export your library as a Papers Archive on Mac

A Papers Archive is a package that contains both your PDFs and metadata. A Papers 3 Archive is easily handled by Papers 3 for Mac, Windows, and iOS.

These instructions outline how to export an existing library as a Papers Archive on Mac.

  1. Open Papers 3 and go to File >Export > Papers Archive.

  2. Name your Papers Archive under Save As, and select the desired storage location under Where.

  3. Change the default to Export: Entire Library, and select Continue on the pop up.

  4. Be sure to checkmark: Include Collections, Include Supplemental Files, and Include Notes and Highlights.

  5. Choose Export.

Please note that it is also possible to export a selected paper or a selected collection as a Papers Archive format.

Share this Archive with your other devices

Once the export is complete, you can move your Papers Archive (via Dropbox, external hard drive, etc.) to a new device. Find out how to import this Archive on another Mac, or iOS device.