Papers 3 for iOS FAQ

How much does it cost?

Our app for iPhone/iPad is free! You can download it here.

How do I set up syncing?

You can sync your library via Wifi to another iOS device or Papers for Mac. See these instructions for further instructions.

You can also sync your library via Dropbox for what you need to have a Dropbox account. If you don’t have a Dropbox account yet you can create a free Dropbox account here

How does sync work, does it happen automatically?

You can set up syncing using the Settings sidebar, which you can open by tapping the top-right button in the main library screen. Select ‘Set up Synchronization’ and choose Dropbox or Local Network Sycning. The first time you do this, it might take some time (several minutes) to sync your library to the iPad, depending on the size and the number of PDFs in your Papers library, so please be patient.

Please note if you currently have a Papers2 library folder in Dropbox, Papers 3 will not try connect to your Papers2 library.

If you have created a library with Papers 3 for Mac or with the new Papers for Windows update (1.5) that is currently in your Dropbox, the iOS app will automatically sync to that folder.

If you don’t currently have a Library.papers3 folder in Dropbox a new library is created. You can either create it at the root of your Dropbox-folder by choosing ‘Create a folder here’, or by making another folder in Dropbox and creating a new library inside that.

Papers3 for iOS and Mac, and Papers for Windows (version 1.5) all use a new Papers library database structure. A new Library.papers3 is automatically created when you first start either Papers3 for Mac or Papers for Windows (1.5). Similarly a new Library.papers3 folder is created when you first start using Papers3 for iOS. When you place Library.papers3 library folder in your Dropbox and connect any of the apps to your Dropbox account your libraries are then automatically synced across different computers and devices.

Syncing occurs automatically every 4-8 minutes. In addition, there is an option to ‘sync now’ if you are in a hurry to finish work on any of the platforms but need to ensure that all the latest changes are available on your other devices.

How can I search for new papers?

You can access the search mode in Papers by tapping on the Search icon at the top-left corner of the main screen. Once you are in the search mode, you can return back to your library by tapping the Library-icon.

Papers 3 for iOS contains 25 different search engines and you can search from multiple search databases at the same time. You can select databases that you would like to search from the Search settings icon.

How do you import new papers from the search results?

Tap on the Import button on your search results and they are automatically imported to your Papers library. Papers tries to automatically fetch a PDF for search results that you import to your library as long as you have access to a full PDF version.

If I import the Papers1 library, will I be able to continue using Papers1?

You can still continue using Papers1 after you have imported your library to Papers 3. You should also be able to import your Papers1 library again later on.

I have trouble importing my Papers 1 for iOS library. What can I do?

Have a look at these instructions for more details.

How can I import my existing Papers for Mac/Windows library?

You can’t import your current Papers2 library (from Mac or Windows) to the new iOS update directly. You need to try the new Mac/Windows update and connect the Library.papers3 folder to your Dropbox folder. Alternatively you can export your Papers library as Papers Archive (File > Export > Papers Archive) and place the archive in Dropbox. You can then import the papers archive to the iOS library by tapping the download button second from left in the main screen (Import from Dropbox).

Can I import PDFs and other file formats to my library?

You can import Papers Archive/PDF/RIS/EndnoteXML/BibTeX files to your library by placing them in your Dropbox. Tap on the download button and you will be connected to your Dropbox-folder. You can then select files that you would like to import to your library.

Where is my library stored?

Your library is stored locally on your iPad as well as in Dropbox as long as you have an internet connection so that you library can be synced to your Dropbox. If you delete or re-install the app and open Papers your library will be empty. However, you can connect back to your Dropbox-account and sync your library back to your iPad.

How can I delete papers in my library?

Tap on Edit button on the main library view. You can then select papers in your library by tapping them and choose to Move them to Trash.

How can I move papers to another collection?

Tap on Edit button on the main library view. You can then select papers in your library by tapping them and choose to Move them to a new or existing collection.

How can I make annotations to papers?

Tap on a paper so that a PDF is opened. The PDF reader mode have three annotation modes that you can select by tapping on the corresponding icons. You can either do highlights, underlines, strikethroughs or free-hand annotations. In addition you can add sticky notes by tapping on the Note icon.

Can I use another cloud service apart from Dropbox?

No, this is not possible. The new app only support syncing using Dropbox and local network syncing.