Start building your Papers for Windows library

Import existing files

You can drag and drop files such as PDFs and Microsoft Office documents to the main library window and the files will be imported to your library.

You can also import BibTeX, Endnote XML and Refworks RIS files and PDF files from the Import icon.

For example, if you currently have all your references in Endnote XML, you can export your Endnote library as Endnote XML format and import to Papers. See this article for a detailed instructions on how to import an Endnote library to Papers. If you currently store all your PDF articles in your Windows Explorer you can import all your PDFs to Papers.

Import a Mendeley Library

If you have a Mendeley library, use the Import Mendeley Library option to import your Mendeley library to your Papers Library. You will be prompted to login to your Mendeley account and once you have granted access, your Mendeley library will be copied to Papers.

Import a Papers Archive

Import a Papers Archive file that can be exported from another Papers library (Papers 1.5 for Windows or Papers 2 and 3 for Mac). The Papers Archive format includes both the metadata and PDFs, and it can optionally include collection information, annotations, color labels.