How to search for new publications in Papers 3 for Windows

Enter the Search screen to use any of the built-in search engines to find literature in your field of research.
At the moment we support the following search engines: ACM, ADS, arXiv, CERN DS, Crossref, DBLP, Google Books, Google Patents, Google Scholar, Gutenberg, Highwire, IEEExplore, Inspire, JSTOR, Library of Congress, OAlster, Pubget, Pubmed, Scopus, ScienceDirect, Springer Link and Web of Science.

Here's how to get started

  • Click on the Settings button at the bottom of the Search screen to view all the available search engines.

  • Tick the check box to add a search engine to your 'Other Engines'. Click the heart symbol to add a search engine to your 'Favorite Engines'.

What is the difference between Other and Favorites?

Search is conducted across all the search engines that are in your Favorites. If you only want to search using one of the search engines in Favorites, select the search engine of interest and trigger a new search. At the moment it is not possible to trigger a new search automatically by selecting a search engine. It is necessary to click the search icon or to press enter again.

Sometimes you may want to do an additional search using search engines that you use occasionally. Keep them in Other Engines and you have a convenient access to them when needed. Please note, that you can only select one search engine at the time in Other Engines.


When you type in your search term it is applied to all the possible metadata fields available such as authors, titles, abstract, source etc. When you start typing your search term, a pop over of different search tokens is displayed. Select a search token from the pop over window to specify your search. You can also type in token types directly before each search term.

Here you can see how search results are displayed under the search window. The blue dots indicate new publications and the tick marks mean that you already have those publication in your library.

By default, the search results in the List view are sorted by ranking. You can also sort the search results by title, author, year, source etc.

You can also change the view how the search results are presented from List to Column view.

To import a paper, click on the Import button. You can also batch import a selection of search results. Press down ctrl key and click on the search results you want to import. Once you have selected all the papers that you want to import press Import and all the search results are imported to your library. If you have access to the full text PDF, Papers will attempt to automatically download the PDF as well.

Once you have imported a search result, click Open to read it in the Reader mode.