My Manuscripts in Papers 3 for Mac

With Papers 3 for Mac there is a dedicated folder for your manuscripts allowing you to organize your own articles, whether in working progress or fully completed. You can find 'My Manuscripts' on the left side of your screen when in the section titled 'My Authors'.

my manuscripts overview

Papers' reference manager allows you to cite in almost any application and citations are now easier than ever, just a keyboard shortcut away! Whenever you cite in a word processor application (e.g. Microsoft Word, Pages etc.), Papers will automatically link this article to 'My Manuscripts'. For example, enter the citation (ctrl+ctrl), from your Papers library, to your saved word document.

My Manuscripts

My Manuscripts

This article will now automatically be saved to 'My Manuscripts'. Don't worry; the article will not be moved from the original folder it was saved to. It will simply link the article to My Manuscripts so you can access all of your articles, containing citations, from within Papers.

My manuscripts

There is no limit to how many articles you can have in 'My Manuscripts'! And if you want to remove one simply right click on the highlighted article, and as with articles in your library, select 'Move to Trash'. You can also edit your manuscripts from within Papers. Again, simply right click on the desired article and select 'Open with' and choose the desired application you wish to edit the article in.