Citations with Papers 3 for Windows

Citations is the revolutionary citation tool included in Papers. You can search and cite literature directly from your Papers library when writing. Citations in Papers 3 for Windows currently support MS Office 365 and MS Office 2010.
Please note that Citations doesn't support MS Office 64-bit.

The first step to using Citations, is making sure it is turned on from the Settings > Citations menu. If the Citations is not brought up with the keyboard shortcut (ctrl + alt + c) and Citations is turned on in the Citations settings, toggle Citations off and back on again in Settings > Citations. If you would like to use a custom keyboard shortcut to launch Citations, see our article How to change the Citations keyboard shortcut.

How to insert citations into your documents

  • Whenever you are ready to insert a citation into your manuscript, just use the ctrl + alt + c keyboard shortcut.

  • This opens citations:

  • Start searching your Papers library by entering a keyword, part of a title, or the name of the author for the paper you want to cite.

  • If you have found the correct paper, click on it to select it. If multiple search results are returned for your search parameters, select among the results which article you want to cite, or search again.

  • Click on "Insert citation".

  • Once you click on 'Insert citation', you are taken back to your manuscript where now your citation has been added:

  • If you are citing more than one article at once, select your first article. Then continue typing in the search box to find your second article. The first citation is saved by Papers Citations:

  • When you select your second citation, you can either keep adding more citations or click on 'Insert Citation' to add all references. As you can see, both articles selected to be cited at once appear in the citations window:

Creating your bibliography

When you are finished writing your manuscript, you are now ready to insert your reference list. All papers cited using Papers Citations will be included in your bibliography, which is formatted according to the style you select(ed).

  • Use the ctrl + alt + c command again to open citations.

  • If you want to use a citation style different from your default, you have to select it prior to inserting your bibliography into your manuscript.

  • Click 'Select Style'

  • Browse available citation styles or type the name of the journal in the search box. Keep in mind that not all journals might be listed, but most journals will say they use a particular style, e.g. the same style as Nature, or APA. Papers will only show your (default) favourite citation styles, the remaining 7000+ styles can be accessed by using the search box.

  • Select 'Format Manuscript'

  • Your manuscript is now formatted and the bibliography is added where your cursor was last.